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Lynchburg Pool Table Movers

Do you need to move or service a pool table?

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  • Professional and experienced services by Lynchburg Pool Table Movers, Virginia
  • Guaranteed by a national organization

We are the only organization in the industry that offers 7 days per week support for our customers with the most technologically advanced systems in use today, call our professionals to get a price to move your pool table or if you only have general questions.  Your satisfaction is what has made us the largest and most professional company in the industry.

Some of our services

Billiard table repair – Pool table refelting – Pool table assembly – Pool table installation – Pool table moving service

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Pool Table Moving

If you’re looking for the best pool table service in Lynchburg and surrounding areas, you have reached the right place!

We take pride in providing professional pool table moves, pool table installations, refelting with a new pool table felt at the time of installation, yet we have the expertise to salvage the existing cloth if in good condition.

As mentioned above, we can take care of the pool table refelting service with new material. However, if the existing cloth is in good condition and you’re happy with it, we can certainly reuse it.

Now, the only exception when we cannot salvage the existing felt is when the cushion rubbers need to be replaced. The reason for this is that the cloth covering the bumpers is not usable once it has been stripped off.

This is why we strongly recommend that you ask the seller about the condition of the cushion rubbers and in case we have to replace them, you can use this opportunity to see about new pool table felt. This way you will save valuable time and money.

The SOLO® pool table movers are the only company in the area authorized to provide a guarantee issued in writing by a national organization. The warranty covers any issues related to the installations, leveling, and materials we provide for the service.

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The coverage lasts for an entire year upon the completion of the service and the document is issued by the American Billiard Installers Association.

This is the only national organization that oversees and seeks to raise the billiard service standards. Furthermore, we protect you and your property with liability insurance in case the unexpected occurs.

Pool Table Installation

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Pool tables are unique pieces of furniture, they are sturdy and yet if not moved properly they can be easily damaged.

Proper pool table moves need to follow this process; it needs to be properly disassembled, carefully transported in pieces to the new location, and then built from the ground up piece by piece making sure the surface is perfectly level.

Our experienced pool table installers have the specialty tools and use the right techniques that are necessary in order to take care of your pool table move professionally.

A Pool table moving service should be employed for best results and to eliminate the risk of damage and injury.

A machinist level is one of the specialty tools that we use to achieve an immaculate pool table setup with precise leveling. The perfect leveling of a residential-style 3 piece slate pool table involves an intricate process. This task is often a challenge for technicians with little experience.

We recognize that even if the pool table has been accurately leveled, it may go out of level because of the weight of the pool table and the type of flooring where it will be set up. However, your service is covered under our exclusive guarantee, this means that if your pool table goes out of level within a year after we have completed the service, we will return and fix the issue at completely no charge!

Pool Table Refelting

The pool table recovering job should also be handled by expert pool table movers. The reason for this is because the existing cloth needs to be removed very carefully if you are interested in reusing it. Our team of skilled pool table installers will safely remove the cloth if in good condition and recover your table with it if you so desire.

Be aware of inexperienced pool table technicians that will try to convince you that you have to recover with a new cloth just because they lack the skill to salvage the felt currently on the table.

Be sure to ask us about the recovering of your pool table in new material. We offer high-quality residential pool table cloth and tournament grade Simonis cloth.

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Both of these types of felt is available in a great variety of color choices. Additionally, we guarantee the quality of both types of cloth we provide.

The coverage is against any tears, rips, or manufacturer’s defects for a whole year after the service is complete.

Our customers can choose from over 30 different colors of pool table felt. We use the highest quality pool table cloth the industry has to offer at this time.

Our professional pool table installers work with standard woolen pool table cloth and tournament grade worsted materials as well.

Additional Services That We Offer As A Dedicated Pool Table Moving Company…

  • Disassemble a 3 piece slate pool table and move it to storage
  • Disassemble a 3 piece slate pool table, take outside to storage or moving truck
  • Pick up the billiard table from storage, deliver and install
  • Move a billiard table for re-flooring. 3 piece slate. Requires two appointments
  • Move a pool table to storage then into a house. 3 piece slate. Two appointments
  • Disassemble a billiard table that is 3 piece slate and reassemble it in a different room.

We service Glasgow, Buena Vista, Amherst, Appomattox, Pamplin, Forest, Bedford, Moneta, Westlake Corner, Altavista, Gretna, Brookneal, Lovingston, Roanoke, Buchanan and more in Virginia.

Expert pool table installers providing professional pool table services in Lynchburg

Even if you are not a passionate pool table player you know how frustrating it can be to play on a pool table that has not been properly serviced.

We are an established company that has a team of professionals providing customer support to help you take care of your pool table needs.

All you have to do is call us and we’ll help you schedule your service as soon as we can. You can also e-mail us if it’s more convenient for you.

Pool Table Service

The pricing for a pool table service is based upon the following particulars; the playing surface area of the pool table, the number of slates, the brand or manufacturer, the style of pockets, whether there are any stairs involved at either location, and whether your table is antique or modern.

Also, something to consider is the measurements of your game room, we have put together a chart with the approximate pool table room sizes to help you find out if the pool table you are trying to get will fit in your room. in case Rest assured you will enjoy a professional service from the moment you call.

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We take pride in providing premium pool table services which are handled exclusively by a team of professional pool table movers. Customer satisfaction has made us the most reliable professional billiard service company. We know how important quality services are and we strive to provide the best experience for our customers.

We know that our competitors will try to get your business by offering you a “cheaper” service. However, keep in mind that these movers are not an established company, which means that they will not be readily available when you need them the most, they will not have the proper documentation such as liability insurance or even a written guarantee.

Their low price comes at a cost, one that you don’t want to pay. For example; their low price may keep them from purchasing the right tools for the job and also they may even ask for gas money to get to the other end. All these issues and many more could come about because of the unpreparedness of the “cheap” pool table movers.

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